Home Sweet Farmhouse

Greg and I have moved to a new and last sticks and bricks. So far things are going well. I am continuing to purge even as I unpack. I am finding a place for everything! However I still have too much stuff!

My morning routine is working so far:

  • Shower and Swish and Swipe #flylady
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Make breakfast
  • Start Laundry
  • Make Bed (if Greg gets up before 7)
  • Check daily calendar

Since I am working remote I am also working on a Lunch routine.

The other thing that is working so far is setting up the house for easy cleaning. This was sage advice from Su my dear friend and Mother-in-law.

So far so good! We are happy and we are 1095 days from Full-time RVing.

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