Using Minimalism and RVing Techniques To Move To Our Last Sticks and Bricks

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Aurora, Indiana here we come!

My 10 year plan as become a reality. I now have an address outside of Michigan.

On to the next phase of my life a 3 year plan, this plan has two parts:

  1. Ensure my husband gets to spend as much time with his twin sons as possible, before they graduate and move on to college and what not.
  2. Fulltime RVing by Summer 2021

I am using what I have learned about RVing and minimalism as I move.  Here are my two favorite techniques: Three Box Cleaning(Packing) Method and A Place for Everything and Everything In its Place,

Three Box Cleaning(Packing) Method

As you go through the rooms and spaces in your house, use the Three-Box Method sorting system for the items you find.

Gather three boxes or storage bins, label them and follow the tips below.


Pack – Pack with purpose, do not just put everything in the box. There are so many tips and tricks to make moving easier, one of the most important is to throw away or give away items that you will not use and no not need. Top 10 things to donate or throw away include:

  • CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Blu-Rays and other media that are just collecting dust
  • Old Coats
  • Outdate Electronics
  • Toys that your child has grown out of
  • Old Clothes
  • Old/Damaged furniture or appliances
  • Un-needed Kitchenware
  • Memorabilia and records that can be digitized.
  • Things you didn’t know you had. If you didn’t remember that you had it, you probably don’t need it.

Donate – Donating has never been easier than it was before. It keeps textiles out of landfills and of course it helps improve lives of those in your community that need it.

Tip: Do not just donate everything! That ratty, stained t-shirt should be used for scraps or thrown away

  • Pick the charity that makes sense to you and what you are donating
  • If you want to take the Tax Deduction, then get a receipt and value the items properly
  • Wash, dust, or clean items that you are donating
  • Do not donate trash. Someone else’s trash may be someone else’s treasure, but some trash is just trash and you know it
  • If you haven’t been that size since your first child was born and he or she is over 5, then let it go!

Throw Away – Yes I also mean recycle! Be relentless. As you consider whether you should keep or throw away something remember: Less clutter = less to move, less to unpack, less to clean and less stress.

  • If it makes you feel warm and fuzzy every time you see it, but you only look at it once a year or so, then take a picture of it and let go of the item itself!
  • Be honest about something’s value
  • Old electronics need to be recycled. If it barely boots up, then it is no use to anyone
  • If you want to keep the item “just in case,” then don’t; usually, that means you’ll never need it

A Place for Everything…and Everything In Its Place

Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time living in an RV or very small place has learned the importance of this statement. If you are like me, then you know that it is important, but you have not quite adopted it. At a later time I will go through this one in even more detail, but for now here is how I identify where things should live and I unpack and organize my home.

Use the Pareto principle known as the 80/20 Rule

The Pareto Principle or 80/20 Rule came from an analyst a long long time ago – back in the 1800s. Now the numbers aren’t perfect, meaning sometimes is 75/25 and sometimes its 90/10 but for the most part the ratio of activities-to-results falls around 20% activities yields 80% results. Be it economics or productivity, knowing this will help you immensely when organizing your home.

You will use 20% of the items you have – 80% of the time. So focus your valuable organizational skills and time in making sure those items are in obvious and easily accessible places.

  1. Clothes – For anyone in your family without a capsule wardrobe. 20% of their clothes will be worn 80% of the time. Make those 20% easy to find and more importantly easy to put away!
  2. Tools & Utensils – Break each room down into to most common purpose. Then stand (or visually stand) in the spot you will be for that purpose. Put what you will need/use the most within arms reach! I don’t care if you use dollar store bins or the latest from sky mall. Use what makes sense for your home and budget. Feel free to be creative and use them as visual decor, after all if it is hanging on the wall or sitting on the countertop, it is definitely easy to find and access.
    1. Getting ready in the morning @ Bathroom sink or mirror – Brush, hand towel…with in arms reach; Mani-Pedi set…tucked away somewhere
    2. Cooking @ the kitchen stove – Spices, Cooking Utensils, Oven Mitts…within easy reach; Electronic Bread Maker you use for special occasions…tucked away somewhere
    3. Washing dishes @ the kitchen sink – Detergent, scrubbers, towels…in arms reach; Mini bottle brush you only use for the turkey injector at Thanksgiving…tucked away somewhere
  3. Pantry or Chest of Drawers – Put items used the most on the middles drawers or shelves. Put items you use the least in ones at the top and bottom.

Quick Tip if you have lost something: 80% of items can be found in the 20% of the places that are easiest to put something. Fly Lady calls these “Hot Spots” places where everything seems to get dropped. End tables, counter tops, etc.



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