Ever Thought Of Learning A New Language? I Just Started!

My new language is RVese or is it RVish? Ok so maybe Google can’t help translate it, and maybe it isn’t included in any Rosetta Stone Lessons, but trust me it is definitely its own language.

I was listening to the Audible Book RVLiving: An Essential Guide to Full-Time RVing and Motorhome Living I realized that it may be an essential guide, but it was a far cry from a beginners guide, mostly because of the seemingly foreign words.

If an RVer came up to you and asked, ‘What can I do keep waste to a minimum? and you answered “Have you considered the Zero Waste Movement?” They would either look at you as if you were crazy or laugh out loud.

For those of you who don’t get the joke.

  • Waste to an RVer has to do with Sewage (Gray – What goes down the drains & Black  – what gets flushed down the toilet).
  • Trash or Garbage is what needs to be thrown away.

Since it would be impossible to never go to the bathroom or wash your hands, some may look at you funny. Others might just simply wonder how you could have a “movement” that produced zero waste.

There are a few dictionaries and glossaries that may help you along the way, if you do not speak RVese yet:

Good Sam Camping RV Glossary

Campers Inn RV Blog RV Jargon Terms and What They Mean (Inspiration for Featured Image)

Our Great American Adventure RV Lingo, Terms and definitions

RV Road Trip RV Glossary, Terms, Terminology Explained

Hitch Up and Go RV Terms and Definitions

One thought on “Ever Thought Of Learning A New Language? I Just Started!

  1. Man, waste has been the bane of my existence for over 7 years now. Just wait till you have a black tank issue (the deep freeze a couple weeks ago froze our black tank valve shut). It is a special corner of hell. I’m here if you need a shoulder to cry on.

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