I Downsized My Kitchen | You Can Too!

Trust me when I say I was once a Kitchen Tool/Gadget Hoarder. Today I am proud to say I have downsized quite a bit.

Steps to downsize/rightsize your kitchen or at least here is what I did:

  1. I literally moved items that I did not use daily into drawers and cabinets. As I needed something, I pulled it out and then defined a permanent place for it in my kitchen.
  2. I tried to focus on keeping items that had multiple purposes
    1. Power Cooker XL is many appliances in one: Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Pressure Cooker and more.
    2. I replaced cheap utensils with Core Kitchen. They can go to extremely high temperatures allow me to use them for both Prep and Cooking (which also reduces the number of dishes I need to wash).
  3. I shopped for items that nested or took up very little space
    1. Magma Nesting Pots
    2. Joseph Jospeh Nest 9
    3. Knife Block & Cutting Board
  4. I realize very quickly that some appliances were keepers and others needed to be purged. My hot shot water heater, Power Cooker and my KitchenAid were used so often that I simply do not want to live without them. I also realized that my Bread maker, Slow cooker, and Electronic Can Opener were just taking up unnecessary space on my counter and even in my life.
  5. I practiced before I purged completely. I set up my kitchen with only my essentials, then I went about my everyday life. Something amazing happened, my kitchen is suddenly easier to clean and organize. There is a place for everything. I never have to ran sack drawers any more because they are less cluttered. Food prep and even cooking are easier because there is less in the way, no more pushing things out of the way just to fit my cutting board!

Here is my minimalist kitchen or as I call it my Kitchen Essentials for going OnTheGoWithGreg!



4 thoughts on “I Downsized My Kitchen | You Can Too!

  1. I’ve been having to limit myself to the essentials for years now, because I’ve been in an RV. Now that we’re building a house, I’ve been having to watch myself, because I don’t want to acquire a bunch of clutter just because I have storage space to contain it all LOL

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