Blogging 101: Posted My 1st Instagram

This journey has taken me down two roads simultaneously. 1. Fulltime RVing Plan 2. Learning to Blog. Last week I created a content plan. For this week my challenge was to setup and post something on Instagram. Tada! FYI...I have much to learn about Instagram. #howtohashtag

Cartoon Friday: So Afraid This Will Be Us

By: Diana Denny on August 22, 2011 @ The Saturday Evening Post With our love of tech toys and modern day conveniences, this really could be us if we are not careful. Only Greg's TV will be a large flat screen, his stereo will be accompanied by huge speakers, my laptop will be accompanied by two … Continue reading Cartoon Friday: So Afraid This Will Be Us

Considering a New Gadget: Slidenjoy

I saw a post about these laptop monitor extenders. I am about 60% on putting down a deposit. When Greg and I are fulltimer RVing, space is everything. I use two extra monitors in my home and work office now. We have considered integrating dropdown monitors but that would keep them in a set place. … Continue reading Considering a New Gadget: Slidenjoy

Our Roadmap To Fulltime RVing Success

We move to Indiana in less than 6 months, we will spend the next 3 years with the twins as they finish high school. After they graduate, we hit the road! Though some have just packed up and gone within a month, and others have taken less than a year. We will have 3 years … Continue reading Our Roadmap To Fulltime RVing Success

Ever Thought Of Learning A New Language? I Just Started!

My new language is RVese or is it RVish? Ok so maybe Google can't help translate it, and maybe it isn't included in any Rosetta Stone Lessons, but trust me it is definitely its own language. I was listening to the Audible Book RVLiving: An Essential Guide to Full-Time RVing and Motorhome Living I realized … Continue reading Ever Thought Of Learning A New Language? I Just Started!

I Downsized My Kitchen | You Can Too!

Trust me when I say I was once a Kitchen Tool/Gadget Hoarder. Today I am proud to say I have downsized quite a bit. Steps to downsize/rightsize your kitchen or at least here is what I did: I literally moved items that I did not use daily into drawers and cabinets. As I needed something, … Continue reading I Downsized My Kitchen | You Can Too!

I Enrolled in Blogging U

I am not quite sure if I am proud or embarassed at this point. I came across an ad, article, or email this morning and it pointed me to Blogging University. I thought, 'Why not?' And what does it say in my first lesson on my first day: For bonus points, publish your goals in a new … Continue reading I Enrolled in Blogging U