Are We There Yet?

I am sick and tired. Nope not a quip…I have an ear infection and I did not get any sleep last night. What I did was a lot of was thinking.

How many Moms have been in the same position I am in now?

  • I am coming down with something
  • I need to act as taxi for practice and go to school events
  • I have a boss that needs me to put in just a little extra this week
  • I have a husband who is supportive but is already overworking himself…so I cannot lean on him
  • The house needs attention
  • The laundry is behind
  • The pizza guy just might be my best friend by the time the week is out

I  don’t mean to complain and I am not miserable. Instead I am wistfully looking forward to the day that I am onthegowithGreg Fulltime RVing.

  • When my children drive themselves everywhere they need to go
  • My communte is a few feet instead of an hour or so
  • After work is spent enjoying peaceful moments with my husbad
  • Housework and laundry are a much smaller task because there are only two of us
  • Every dinner does not require an extra large skillet or gumbo pot

So my question of the day is for my amazing and wonderful husband.

 “Greg, are we there yet?”

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