Are We There Yet?

I am sick and tired. Nope not a quip...I have an ear infection and I did not get any sleep last night. What I did was a lot of was thinking. How many Moms have been in the same position I am in now? I am coming down with something I need to act as … Continue reading Are We There Yet?

How to Plan for Your 1st RV Show!!!!

aka Lessons Learned From My 1st RV Show Because I Failed To Plan! Why make a plan for an RV show? RV shows can be very overwhelming. I attended my first at the Suburban Collection in Novi, MI this year. 18 Aisles that ran the full convention center 26 Exhibitors – RV Retails, Financing, Parts, Campgrounds … Continue reading How to Plan for Your 1st RV Show!!!!

My 10 Year Full-Time RVing Plan & Budget

After reading so many posts about people who chose to go back, earlier than planned, to a 'brick & mortar' home after Full-time RVing, I was able to group the biggest reasons into 3 categories: Inability to adapt Major life change Financial miscalculation Inability to adapt - There are several factors that fall under the category … Continue reading My 10 Year Full-Time RVing Plan & Budget