Minimalist is next to Cleanliness…who knew?

You may have heard that old saying the Cleanliness is next to Godliness, well if that is the case, then minimalism must be next to Godliness because my kitchen has been so much cleaner since I started this journey on Monday.


Ok, this isn’t my kitchen…but this is what my kitchen felt like this morning.

Here is the crazy part, I have not done anything drastic yet.

  1. I have a large bottom drawer in the kitchen where I have stashed all of my extra utensils like serving spoons and spatulas.
  2. I clean a dirty utensil instead of reaching for another one.
  3. I have chosen to make meals that can be made in one dish.
  4. I have stored leftovers in individual serving containers that you can microwave and eat from.
  5. I have tried to buy items that come in paper, cardboard, or glass…avoiding as much plastic as possible.
  6. I have started using dishcloths and cleaning rags instead of paper towels.
  7. I made “make-ahead” breakfast burritos, so short morning do not become a mess in the kitchen (having time to cook, but no time to clean).

The results have been wonderful!

Fewer dishes to wash =

  • Fewer dishes in the sink
  • Less water used
  • Less dish soap used
  • More time to declutter countertops
  • More time to sweep & mop

Clean kitchen =

  • More time to clean other parts of the house
  • Less stress at the end of the day
  • Less stress making breakfast
  • More likely to cook vs order out

More homemade meals =

  • Less plastic and styrofoam trash
  • Healthier meals
  • Fewer leftovers in the fridge that go bad
  • More time with the family!


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