Minimalist – Kitchen

I have been researching downsizing my kitchen and one phrase that came up very frequently was Minimalist Living. I think I am going to give that a try this week.

Anyone who knows me would be very surprised to hear that I was planning a minimalist or zero-waste lifestyle.

  • I work in technology for a company called Gas Station TVBigfootCO2
  • I hate saving pop cans
  • I enjoy modern conveniences
  • Greg constantly turns off lights behind me

My carbon footprint looks like it belongs to Bigfoot.

However, I do realize when Greg and I are going to be living in the travel trailer, we will have to start considering many things that we (ok I) take for granted today.

Here are a few that affect the kitchen:

Current Conveniences Travel Trailer
Unlimited utilities Limited by propane tank size
100 Gallon hot water tank 40 or 50 Gallon hot water tank
Dishwasher & disposal No dishwasher, no disposal
50 Gallon trash bin & automatic pickup No pickup and limited space
Full-size fridge & freezer Medium fridge & freezer combo

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5 thoughts on “Minimalist – Kitchen

  1. I feel your pain. The downsizing is the hardest part, but it really is worth it. I’m surprised at how much I can cook in the RV without all the conveniences I had in sticks and bricks. A convection burner and an Instant Pot are my biggest appliances (besides the coffee machine). I’m looking forward to following your journey! Dawn

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  2. Lol! Your hot water problem is much worse than you think 😳

    Unless you have an instant water heater your capacity is only 6-10 gallons 😎

    Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it and realize that a 5 gallon hot shower is a luxury

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