@BandsOfAmerica Regionals

I drove to Toledo today to watch my son Justin in the Lake Orion Marching Band perform a fabulous show at the Bands Of America Northeastern Ohio Regionals. It was a hot but beautiful day. Here he is center stage! After they perform there was a 6-hour wait until the awards ceremony. While I am … Continue reading @BandsOfAmerica Regionals

Minimalist is next to Cleanliness…who knew?

You may have heard that old saying the Cleanliness is next to Godliness, well if that is the case, then minimalism must be next to Godliness because my kitchen has been so much cleaner since I started this journey on Monday. Ok, this isn't my kitchen...but this is what my kitchen felt like this morning. … Continue reading Minimalist is next to Cleanliness…who knew?